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FAN Heater In The Use And Maintenance Of The Points

FAN Heater in the use and maintenance of the points
FAN Heater is one of the most widely used devices in all walks of life. Its improved performance not only improves energy efficiency, but also makes the equipment miniaturized. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the world's energy consumption is rapidly increasing. It is particularly important to improve the efficiency of FAN Heater and reduce energy consumption. Generally, the improvement of FAN Heater performance is achieved through the increase of convective heat transfer coefficient between fluid and solid wall in FAN Heater. Heat transfer enhancement technology that is the purpose of this technology.
FAN Heater performance improvement, can be carried out from two levels, the first level is to improve the convection heat transfer coefficient between the fluid and the wall, including: a variety of fins, inserts, turbulence generator:
The second level is to improve the performance of FAN Heater under the same convection conditions. For example, changing the flow pattern of hot and cold fluid in FAN Heater will affect the performance of FAN Heater. Counterflow FAN Heater has the highest performance with the same number of heat transfer units, while downstream FAN Heater has the lowest efficiency, whereas other forms of FAN Heater, such as the cross flow, have intermediate efficiencies.
The worldwide energy crisis that emerged in the early 1970s led to rapid advances in heat transfer enhancement technology. Until the early 1990s, the annual published literature on heat transfer enhancement multiplied. In specific technologies, it can be divided into passive strengthening technology and active strengthening technology. The former refers to strengthening technologies that do not need external power, including extended surfaces (various ribs), inserts, cyclones and turbulence generators, etc. The latter Refers to the need to enter the external power of the strengthening of technology, including mechanical vibration, the application of electric or magnetic field, the fluid plus additives. By the late 1990s, some people think that heat transfer enhancement technology has gradually become a conventional technology, coupled with the relative stability of world energy prices, the demand and enthusiasm for strengthening heat transfer technology research is not as high as before. However, Be ridiculed espl that heat transfer enhancement technology is still expanding its new application areas, such as the process industry, almost everywhere need to pass cooked reinforcement. These applications have proposed the development of new heat transfer enhancement techniques such as three-dimensional ribs, three-dimensional roughness elements, longitudinal vortex generators and composite strengthening techniques, which are called the third generation heat transfer enhancement technology.
FAN Heater in the use and maintenance should pay attention to what? FAN Heater manufacturers today for the main analysis of FAN Heater in the use and maintenance of the Notes
First, FAN Heater's routine maintenance
Daily operation should pay special attention to prevent temperature and pressure fluctuations, first of all should ensure that the pressure is stable, must not allow over-pressure operation.
Second, FAN Heater cleaning
FAN Heater after a long period of operation, due to media corrosion, erosion, scaling, coking and other reasons, so that the inner and outer surface of the pipe have different degrees of scaling, or even blocked. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out thorough cleaning during stoppage inspection. Common cleaning methods include air cleaning, water washing, steam cleaning, chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning.
However, such traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical methods (scraping, brushing), high pressure water, chemical cleaning (pickling), etc., present many problems in washing FAN Heater, such as the inability to completely remove deposits such as scale and the acid causes FAN Heater Corrosion loopholes, the residual acid on the material secondary corrosion or scale corrosion, eventually leading to the replacement of equipment, in addition, cleaning waste toxic, require substantial funding for wastewater treatment. However, eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly, non-corrosive and biodegradable eco-friendly biodegradable Cleaner Cleansers not only provide good cleaning but also do not corrode the FAN Heater, ensuring the long-term use of the condenser.

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