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Heater Operation Precautions And Control Methods

Heater operation precautions and control methods
Multi-pipe vertical furnace Heater is essentially a volume Heater, the structure of the form and ordinary hot water boiler the same 40 years to improve the smoke pipe to make more heat transfer area, thermal efficiency can be more than 90, the application of high smoke exhaust Machine, the use of pieces of tobacco, so that hot flue gas flow in the pipe speed increases, and to flue gas flow direction and the formation of a large angle.
This Heater pipe straight up, coupled with strong fan blow, hot flue gas flow in the tobacco pipe is high, no dead ends will not deposit soot and ash. All the heated surface are in contact with water, high temperature flame direct contact with the heat transfer surface, heat is not serious, the use of copper materials are not protected (must be deoxidized copper). Therefore, it is not easy to produce on the heating surface and it is not easy to deposit dust and dust. Long-term use, thermal efficiency is almost no decline. As the volume Heater has a larger capacity, will not produce post-boiling phenomenon, in the case of overheating protection, long-term non-scaling.
Heater manufacturer safe operation Specific precautions:
l) the beginning of the operation to be slow, first full preheating, and gradually warming;
2) do a good job of preheating valve and put into operation after the adjustment work;
3) start the unit should first open the cold side of the valve, to be stable and then open the hot side of the valve; and parking should first turn off the hot side of the valve, and then close the cold side valve.
4) After the normal operation of the Heater, turn off the steam Heater steam trap by-pass valve, steam trap to work properly. If the temperature of the trap is too low as below 50 ℃, the bypass valve can be opened to run, if the trap temperature is too high, such as 90 ℃ and the condensate system without pressure operation, the bypass valve to prevent the steam through, Impact
5) As much as possible with the same type of Heater, so run more smoothly, more efficient operation.
Operation adjustment, operation adjustment mainly according to the weather changes to adjust the water supply temperature and flow. Operators mainly through the control of a hot-tube Heater tube overheated steam into the steam flow, to control the unit outlet water temperature purposes. When the outdoor temperature is high, the temperature is controlled by controlling the number of equipment running and adjusting the steam flow rate. However, care should be taken to minimize the frequency of Heater turn-on to prevent seal leaks due to frequent opening and closing. Should pay attention to reduce the heating load steam pipe hydrophobic, to prevent the water hammer Heater. Operation adjustment to the entire system coordination, unified deployment.
Heater in the industry has been a lot of use, then some of the Heater products, we hope you can understand the use of technology, today we Lianyungang Heater manufacturers come and take you to learn about the welding characteristics of the Heater and the main problems, according to the wrong material Welding characteristics and major issues, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the welding process, and to ensure the quality of welding in order to meet the technical requirements in the welding design, we must pay special attention to the following points:
1, during welding and weld cooling, due to the wrong must be protected to avoid contact with the atmosphere, so the torch and tail protection should be greater than usual. The design must provide room for these tools, especially near the flanges, where Heaters are commonly used. A 75 ^ 100 mm clearance should be left around the tube for welding, which is also an important consideration when choosing the length of the Heater housing.
2, because the weld root must also be protected to prevent air from entering, especially in the welding, the high temperature conditions often make oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and other gases easily into the weld, resulting in weld brittleness and corrosion resistance Degraded performance. Therefore, in the welding design, must take measures to prevent these gases into the weld, to ensure that the air can reach the back of the protective effect, if not meet the joints, the repair and inspection will be more difficult. To ensure that the inert gas off, you can use the dew point indicator or a large enough gas volume instead.

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